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  • Windows Vista
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1.0 06/06/07
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  • Windows Vista
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  • English

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TweakUAC 1.0 06/06/07 Free English
  • Windows Vista

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TweakUAC is a free software tool that you can use to quickly turn UAC (User Account Control of Windows Vista) on or off, or to make UAC operate in the quiet mode.

Turn UAC off

This option turns UAC off completely. If this is what you want, select this option, press OK, restart the computer, and you won’t see the elevation prompts anymore.

Windows Vista will operate pretty much like Windows XP does when you login to its administrator’s account.

Switch UAC to the quiet mode

This option does not turn off UAC; instead, it only makes UAC to operate in the quiet mode.

In the quiet mode, UAC does not display the elevation prompts for the administrators. That is, when you attempt to do an administrative task, you will be allowed to proceed automatically, without prompting you to confirm the operation.

All other features of UAC would still be enabled: the programs will run with the standard user permissions by default, and the standard users will still see the elevation prompts (the quiet mode applies to the administrator accounts only).

Leave UAC on

If you have previously turned UAC off or switched it to operate in the quiet mode, you can use this option to restore the original behavior of UAC.

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